Entertain us


  • Groundlings (Los Angeles)- comedy


  • Second City Comedy Club (Chicago)- comedy
  • Andy’s Jazz (Chicago)- music, drinks, restaurant

New York

  • Lincoln Center (Manhattan)- theater

South Dakota

  • Century Theater (Sioux Falls)- movie theater


  • Palomino (Winnipeg)- bar, music
  • Tijuana’s (Winnipeg)- club


  • Tequila Boom (Cancun)
  • Pat O’Briens (Cancun)
  • Bulldog Cafe (Cancun)
  • Margaritaville (Cancun)
  • Fat Tuesday (Cancun)
  • The City (Cancun)


Czech Republic

  • Roxy (Prague)- club


  • Chesterfield (Madrid)- club
  • Areia (Madrid)- club
  • Kapital (Madrid)- club
  • Populart (Madrid)- club, jazz, blues, music
  • Cats (Madrid)- club
  • Serrano 51 (Madrid)- club
  • Gabana (Madrid)- club, music
  • Torres Bermejas (Madrid)- Flamenco, dance

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